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                                             All salads are served with a complementary cup of soup and your choice of dressing.
                                                                            DRESSING CHOICES:
                                    Ranch • Italian • French • House Greek • Creamy Caesar • Creamy Garlic • Creamy Bleu Cheese • Honey-Mustard
                                           Thousand Island • Raspberry Vinaigrette • Poppy Seed • Roasted Pecan • House Balsamic Vinaigrette

                                                     Greek Salad                                      Cran-Raz Salad
                                      Imported feta cheese, kalamata olives, tomato     Sliced grilled chicken breast atop a bed of mixed
                                      wedges and cucumbers over crisp greens with         greens tossed with dried cranberries, slivered
                                       pepperoncini. Topped with anchovies and a           apples, grapes, toasted almonds, tomatoes,
                                    sprinkling of oregano  8.99   Add chicken for 1.99      cucumbers and our homemade raspberry
                                                                                                    vinaigrette dressing  9.99
                                                   Julienne Salad
                                          Julienne of ham, turkey, American and                         Caesar Salad
                                     Swiss cheeses over crisp greens with cucumbers,     Crisp romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and
                                       hard-boiled egg and tomato wedges  8.99              Parmesan cheese tossed in our homemade
                                                                                          Caesar dressing. Finished with croutons   7.99
                                                    Popeye Salad                                      Add chicken for 1.99
                                       Fresh spinach topped with bacon, cucumber,
                                        hard-boiled egg, tomatoes and croutons.                   Buffalo Chicken Salad
                                         Finished with poppy seed dressing  7.99        Tossed greens topped with Buffalo chicken tenders,
                                                   Add chicken for 1.99                  chopped celery, crumbled bleu cheese, tomatoes
                                                                                           and cucumbers. Served with our homemade
                                               Pecan Chicken Salad                                    ranch dressing  9.99
                                       Mixed greens tossed with sliced red onions,
                                       cheddar cheese, roasted pecans, tomatoes,                        Dinner Salad
                                              cucumbers and our homemade                       Mixed greens with tomato wedges,
                                           roasted pecan dressing, all topped               cucumbers, sliced green and red peppers
                                            with a grilled chicken breast  9.99                      and sliced onions  6.49


                                                                                                   Homemade Soup
                                                                                             Served with fresh rolls and butter
                                                                                           Bowl  4.59 • Cup  3.49 • Quart  7.49
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