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Pancake Heaven

                                                            Served with warm syrup and sprinkled with powdered sugar.
                                                       Buttermilk Pancakes                          Triple Berry Pancakes
                                              A stack of golden brown pancakes  6.49             With strawberries, blueberries and
                                                                                                raspberries mixed in the batter, then
                                                Short Stack of Pancakes  5.49
                                                                                                   topped with more berries  9.49
                                                  PICK A FRUIT PANCAKES
                                                Mixed in our batter then topped with              Chocolate Chip Pancakes
                                                more fruit! Choose from strawberries,         Raspberries and chocolate chips mixed in
                                               cinnamon apples, raspberries, cherries,        our batter, topped with more raspberries
                                                       blueberries or bananas                    and chocolate chips, drizzled with
                                              Full Order  8.29  •  Short Order  6.99              Ghirardelli chocolate sauce  9.29
                                                                                               Chocolate Chip Pancakes  8.29
                                                  Gluten Free Pancakes  7.99                   Banana-Nut Caramel Pancakes
                                                      With fruit topping  9.29                With sautéed banana slices, topped with
                                                                                               pecans and drizzled with caramel  8.59
                                                     Pecan Pancakes  8.49
                                                        Potato Pancakes                           Multi-Grain Pancakes  7.49
                                              Cakes made with fresh grated potatoes.                   With fruit topping  8.99
                                                    Served with sour cream and                        Pumpkin Pancakes
                                                         apple sauce  7.49                            A seasonal favorite made
                                                                                                      with real pumpkin  8.29

                                                                             GLUTEN FREE COMBO
                                                       Pancakes with two eggs* and two pieces of bacon or two sausages  8.99

                                                                         French Toast

                                                            Served with warm syrup and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

                                                                       PICK A FRUIT FRENCH TOAST
                                                                    Choose from strawberries, cinnamon apples,
                                                                    raspberries, cherries, blueberries or bananas
                                                                      Full Order  8.29  •  Short Order  6.99

                                                     Thick French Toast  6.49                  EggCited Stuffed French Toast
                                                                                            Battered French toast stuffed with sweetened
                                             Short Stack of French Toast  5.49
                                                                                              cream cheese, topped with strawberries,
                                                    Thin French Toast  6.49                       blueberries, bananas and pecans
                                                                                                    drizzled with caramel  8.99
                                                  Banana-Nut French Toast                     Cinnamon Raisin French Toast
                                            Battered and grilled to golden brown  8.29       Battered and grilled to golden brown  7.29
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