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Steaming Skillets

                               We use only fresh ingredients and grade AA eggs. Served with hash browns
                                     and two buttermilk pancakes or a slice of French toast or toast.
                                 Skirt Steak Skillet                         Tuscan Chicken Skillet                     Classical Eggs  •  Steak & Eggs  •  Omelettes  •  Skillets  •  Benedicts
                        Skirt steak with fresh mushrooms, onions,     Chicken breast, cheddar cheese, peppers,
                          peppers and cheddar cheese  13.99            onions, mushrooms and tomatoes.   10.99
                                Meat Lover’s Skillet                       Corned Beef Hash Skillet
                                  Bacon, ham, sausage                      Corned beef hash, fresh potatoes
                               and cheddar cheese  10.99                       and Swiss cheese  9.49
                                     Country Skillet                                Gyro Skillet
                          Sausage, fresh green peppers, onions                    Gyro meat, tomato,
                           and cheddar cheese. Topped with                    onion and feta cheese  9.79
                                our sausage gravy  9.49
                                                                                 Popeye’s Skillet
                              Bacon & Onion Skillet                           Spinach, mushrooms, bacon
                          Crispy bacon and sweet white onion                    and Swiss cheese  8.99
                               and cheddar cheese  8.49
                                                                                  Mexican Skillet
                            Ham & Mushroom Skillet                              Chorizo sausage, fresh
                           Diced ham, farm fresh mushrooms                jalapeño peppers, onions, tomatoes
                                and Swiss cheese  8.49                      and pepper Jack cheese  9.49
                                   Western Skillet                                 Veggie Skillet
                           Diced ham, sweet onion, peppers,              Broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, onions,
                          tomatoes and cheddar cheese  8.79                 tomato and Jack cheese  8.79



                                                                               The Original Benedict
                                                                       Two poached eggs* on an English muffi n
                                                                        with Canadian bacon and topped with
                                                                               hollandaise sauce  8.99
                                                                               Benedict Florentine
                                                                       Two poached eggs* on an English muffi n,
                                                                           spinach, bacon and topped with
                                                                               hollandaise sauce  8.99

                                                                             Idaho Potato Benedict
                                                                     Two poached eggs* on two potato pancakes
                                                                             with bacon and topped with
                                                                               hollandaise sauce  8.99
                                                                                Country Benedict
                                                                         Oven baked biscuits served with two
                                                                       sausage patties, two poached eggs* and
                                                                          our homemade country gravy  8.99
                           Consumer Advisory*: Consuming raw                     Veggie Benedict
                         or undercooked meats, poultry, shellfi sh    Two poached eggs* on an English muffi n with
                            or eggs may increase your risk of         mushrooms, artichoke and spinach topped
                                    foodborne illness
                                                                             with hollandaise sauce  8.99
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